November 21, 2014
Returning Life-brand products to Shoppers Drug Mart

Okay, I know it’s not such a great idea to over-share on the internet, but I’m so excited by what just happened that I don’t care. Also, uterus shedding happens every month to 50% of the world’s population, so nothing to be embarrassed about.

Last month I bought some Life-brand tampons from Shoppers Drug Mart since I foolishly hadn’t stocked up on any. I didn’t have time to go to Walmart or Target or Honest Eds or anywhere other than Shoppers — unfortunately, it remains the most convenient drugstore option near my house, and ladies know that when Aunt Flow is in town, sometimes you just gotta to grab whatever’s on the shelf and go.

Anyway, so I buy a few boxes of these tampons since they’re the cheapest and holy shit they suck. Like worst tampons ever. I didn’t even realize tampons could be bad? I though they were all the same. But no. I’ll spare you the details of how they were bad because that definitely would be TMI.

So I got my period, obviously, again this month and I literally just could not deal with these tampons.

Then, I see on the box it says “FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE”. Music to my eyes!

Was it possible that I was able to return two opened boxes of  tampons for which I had long thrown out my receipt? But I decided it was worth a try.

So I go to Shoppers, go up to the cashier, and tell him these are bad tampons. Perhaps because he was a middle-aged man and just wanted me and evidence of monthly female bleeding outta there, he issued me a FULL REFUND with no questions asked, all I had to do was sign a piece of paper. Not even on a store credit. COLD HARD CASH.

It took all of 30 seconds. No hassle.

So ladies, and gentleman and all who buy Life-brand Shoppers products, I have tried and tested out this Full Money Back Guarantee” and found it to be true!  Props to the middle-aged man-cashier for handling it so promptly. Excellent customer service.


The lessons we have learnt today


  • Always try to make returns. The worst they can say is no and laugh about you in the employee break-room
  • Sometimes buying name-brand is worth it
  • Stop being careless. Stock up on necessary toiletries when you see a great deal


Their official return policy

Shoppers Drug Mart private label products such as Life Brand® and Quo® may have a full money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of any of these products purchased at a Shoppers Drug Mart store, simply return it with receipt or original package, within 30 days of original date of purchase for a full refund.

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