I report on the world of millennial personal finance because I strongly believe in financial independence, staying out of debt and growing my money.


I also strongly believe that I don’t want to look like shit, or be sitting at home crying counting my loonies while all my friends are out having fun.

Since no one taught me in high school (and judging by the record-high Canadian debt levels, they would have done a bad job anyway) I want to figure out how to make my funds go the furthest while still enjoying my life and creating a stable future.


But that doesn’t include doing the typical personal-finance-expert things like making a budget and giving up lattes.


Budgets are kind of pointless as long as you spend less than you earn and invest the rest.  

And David Bach will have to pry my $5 latte from my cold, homeless hands before I give them up.


Balance is the name of the game. So although I’ll get manicures often you better believe it’s at the cheapest place I can find! And what would my weekends be without brunch? Sad and lonely, that’s what. But you’ll also find me hand-washing my clothes to save a few bucks at the laundromat.


So let’s learn together as I detail and research the financial adventures of my generation – from to choosing between sushi and a haircut, to choosing between ETFs and equities.


I believe you don’t have to give up everything you love, you just have to prioritize what you love.


*Fun fact #1: I used to spend almost every summer backpacking by myself around Europe. I saved money by keeping a squeeze tube of Nutella on me.  All I needed to buy every day was a fresh baquette.
**Fun fact #2: I often go to the cafe down the street to grab an americano in snowflake print pajamas. The baristas act like it’s normal. Thanks.
***Fun fact#3: I regret giving up my Backberry Bold. My texts are riddles with typos because I can never manage to get the touch screen right.



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    Danielle Kubes

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