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Content creation. Business blogging. Social media. Proofreading

Is your business struggling to figure out how to write compelling content, increase traffic and create an editorial schedule for its blog? Do your corporate Twitter and Facebook pages look like extras in a 1990s music video? Are you about to submit an important proposal or paper but want to make extra sure it contains no grammar or spelling errors? Do you want to write an advertorial but have no idea what the structure is supposed to look like?

Then consider hiring a professional writer and communications specialist to help.

I specialize in finance writing. I took the Canadians Securities Course and understand the industry. I can take something complicated and translate it into something your clients and consumers can easily understand.

I’ve reported for Canada’s leading newspapers in addition to creating communication materials for investment firms, fintech companies and the public sector.

I’ll work with your organization to bring a professional by dynamic tone to all your digital and print materials.


I want to improve my financial literacy without hating my life

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