I’m no personal finance expert, but I’m guessing you aren’t either. So let’s learn together as I detail my financial adventures — from finding the cheapest pedicure, to choosing between sushi and a haircut, to investing in stocks and building an emergency fund.

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Since no one taught me in school (and judging by the fact that Canadians have record-high level debt, they would have done a bad job anyways) I want to learn how to make the funds I have go the furthest, while still enjoying my 20-something life.

Although I strongly believe in financial independence, staying out of debt and keeping my expenses as low as possible, I also strongly believe I don’t want to look like shit.

Balance is the name of my game. So although I’ll get manicures often, you better believe it’s at the cheapest place I can find! And what would my weekends be without brunch? Sad and lonely. But you’ll also find me hand-washing my clothes to save a few bucks at the laundromat.

Being poor doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love, it just means you have to prioritize what you love.






I want to improve my financial literacy without hating my life

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